Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes

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Freeman’s Repro line is the broadest line of fast-cast urethanes in the industry today, giving our customers the greatest choice in working time, weight, color, machinability and other characteristics important to the modern toolmaker.

Unparalleled in quality and consistency, Repro features low viscosity, superior flow, and very low shrinkage. Also, when Repro cures, it is less porous than other, thicker urethanes, which tend trap more air and produce a less solid part.

Whether your project demands a 4 minute working time, or a 14 minute working time, a lightweight tool, or a durable aluminum-filled thermoforming master, or a low-cost foundry pattern material, one of the many Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes will meet your needs.

Our most popular formulation is
Repro 83, as it offers a happy medium of speed, accuracy and demold time. Like all Repro products, it features a 1 to 1 mixing ratio by weight or by volume for easy handling. And unlike epoxy, it can be poured in almost any thickness because it doesn’t generate a lot of heat while curing.

Repro 83 comes in three colors. In addition to blue, which is our most popular, it is also available in white and grey.

[6-7 min. gel]
[60-90 min. demold]

Very similar to Repro 83 is
Repro NS, which stands for non-settling. Because of the fillers used in many of our other fast-cast urethanes, it is very common for the material to settle, requiring mechanical agitation before weighing and mixing.

Repro NS features minimal settling in the can. This example has been sitting on the shelf for 6 months and can still be mixed by hand.

When mixed, Repro NS has virtually identical properties to Repro 83. The only noticeable difference is the higher pouring viscosity, so self-leveling on the backside of the pour is not always as smooth as with Repro 83.

[6-7 min. gel]
[60-90 min. demold]

In 2004, Freeman announced its most advanced Repro yet, named Repro One. Building on all of the characteristics that have made Repro the only name in fast-cast urethanes, Repro One features easier releasing, greater compatibility with Styrofoam, improved resistance to "suck backs" in closed molds, less odor than traditional fast casts, better heat resistance, and finally, a beautiful metallic finish.

For larger tooling where weight becomes a factor, Freeman offers
Repro Light and Repro UltraLight. At one half and one third the weight of Repro 83, these materials are not only light in weight, but they offer superior machinability and can even be hand worked with sandpaper, chisels, or gouges.

Both of these materials also make excellent tooling board adhesives, enabling you to machine a glued tooling board within 3 hours of clamping. Repro Light closely matches many of the characteristics of
RenShape 450 while Ultralight closely matches the lighter density boards like RenShape 5025, these materials produce a superior, machinable glue line with virtually no physical witness line.

Also, Repro Ultralight makes an excellent choice for those wanting to pour a mass of material to a custom size, and then when cured, machine it to final shape.

This process not only saves the freight costs associated with large tooling boards, it eliminates much of the waste generated when using standard sized tooling boards.

For those looking for faster working and demold times, we offer
Repro 10, which is our original formulation, available in tan or black, and Repro Fast, an even quicker formulation allowing parts to be demolded in 15 - 30 minutes. And yet despite their speed, these urethanes feature very controllable shrinkage, allowing surprisingly accurate castings in such a short time.

[5.5 min gel]
[30-60 min demold]
[4.5 min gel]
[15-30 min demold]

On the other side of the spectrum is
Repro Slow, which features the longest working time of any Repro, making it ideal for larger jobs.

[12-14 min gel]
[3-4 hour demold]

Repro 95 is one of our special formulations of Repro because it features an aluminum filler, in which you can see evidence here on the back of the pour.

And while Repro 95 has similar features as our other Repro in hardness, controllable shrink, and low viscosity, the aluminum aids in the machinability and is non-abrasive to cutters. Once the cast surface is broken, the underneath surface continues to polish and be very smooth. This is important for many foundry applications and is in contrast to most Repro which contains glass fillers and will tend to be more porous under the cast surface.

This part here has been machined and sanded. Notice the high luster and smooth surface.

For vacuum forming applications, a lot of our customers love Repro 95 because they get a slight amount of heat transfer from the aluminum that they can’t get from a glass filled formulation like Repro 83. This keeps their tools cooler and enables them to cycle their parts faster than when using materials that have insulating qualities.

[6-7 min gel]
[60-90 min demold]

Another special formulation is our
Repro AR, which stands for abrasion resistant. This has a silicon-carbide filler which offers the greatest amount of abrasion resistance any product in our Repro line.

Repro AR will out-wear most epoxies in foundry applications, making it an excellent choice for foundries looking to avoid the complexity, expense and long demold times of an epoxy, while still creating a lasting tool.

Also, since Repro AR can be poured much thicker than most epoxies, Repro is a great alternative for thick casts.

One word of caution, however, is that once Repro AR is poured, it is very difficult to machine and it very abrasive to cutters, so you’ll want to keep the machining to a minimum.

Nevertheless, Repro AR fills an important niche of a very fast, easy to use and economical solution for abrasive foundry applications.

[silicon-carbide filler]
[6-7 min gel]
[60-90 min demold]

Finally, we offer the Repro Surface Coat and Laminating Resin system. Ideal for medium-sized tooling, this system has several advantages over using an epoxy, such as the easy 1 to 1 mix ratio, the lower cost, and the shorter gel times allow an entire tool to be created in 75 minutes, as opposed to overnight. Also, by using fiberglass strand instead of cloth, it is easier to fit the tool around intricate parts.

For more information on this system, please see our Repro Surface Coat and Laminating Resin system instructional video.

For more information about our Repro line, please contact Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co at 1-800-321-8511.