F-Bond & Araldite Adhesives

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Bonding various materials together presents a constant challenge to the modern toolmaker. This is why Freeman carries complete lines of urethane, epoxy, methacrylate, and cyanoacrylate adhesives.

F-bond is our complete line of one-component cyanoacrylate adhesives, or as they’re more commonly known, super glues. These economical adhesives are all fast-setting and designed to work well in many metal, wood, and tooling plastic applications.

F-Bond comes in different viscosities from F-Bond Thin for tight-fitting and general purpose gluing to F-Bond Thick and F-Bond gel, which are ideal for gap-filling and even vertical applications.

We also offer F-Bond Flex Black, which contains a rubber filler, allowing it to be used in high vibration and shock applications.

For an instant bond, we offer F-Bond Accelerator. Apply it on to one surface, allow that surface to dry, then apply the adhesive to the other surface. When the two surfaces are placed together, it bonds immediately.

Other accessories include the F-Bond remover for removing cured adhesive from unwanted areas, and F-Bond Primer, which promotes better adhesion for difficult to bond materials such as thermo-plastics.

Super glues are also very convenient for gluing patterns letters onto a pattern, be it wood, metal, or tooling plastic. Here we’re gluing a white metal pattern letter to a piece of RenShape. With only couple of drops, the letter is laid into position easily.

We’re now using the excess glue that squeezes from underneath the letter to quickly secure the piece. By spraying the adhesive with our accelerator, the excess glue sets instantly, holding the letter in place, even though the glue underneath hasn’t yet fully cured.

This technique is really helpful when needing to set your letter quickly, such as when working on a non-horizontal surface.

In addition to the F-Bond line, Freeman carries the
Araldite line of urethane, epoxy, and methacrylate adhesives. This diverse line is engineered to bond a wider variety of materials, including the most challenging metals, composites, and thermoplastics.

Although a few of the paste formulations are best mixed with a paint paddle, most of these two-component materials are dispensed with a DS 50 dispensing gun. Here you see a cartridge of Araldite being loaded in the gun. Before attaching the static mixer, we squeeze the trigger a few times to dispense a small amount of material in a cup. And then, after attaching the static mixer, we again squeeze the trigger until a small amount is dispensed and we’re able to verify our adhesive is properly mixed and ready for application.

With formulations designed to bond dozens of materials and gel times ranging from 90 seconds to two hours, Araldite is the most versatile line of adhesives for the modern toolmaker.

To choose which of the many F-Bond and Araldite formulations best meets your project’s requirements, call us, or visit us online for our extensive selection guides.