Freeman & Ren Tooling Plastics

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From Freeman's Freeman lines of polyurethane elastomer and epoxies to the Ren lines of premium tooling plastics, Freeman offers the widest selection of quality materials for any project.

Freeman’s line of polyurethane elastomers offers many flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid formulations that have been specifically formulated for the making of patterns, parts, tools, and molds. All Freeman products match the performance of other top quality tooling plastics at a more economical price.

flexible urethanes include Freeman 1035, which features a 40 Shore A hardness, and Freeman 1040, which features a 52 Shore A hardness. Both are pourable urethane rubbers, ideal for economical moldmaking, especially concrete and architectural molds where abrasion-resistance is a major factor.

We also offer Freeman 1035T, which is a thicker, brushable version of 1035 ideal for the construction of glove molds.

semi-rigid urethanes consist of three materials that are used in some of the most demanding applications such as foundry patterns, as well as semi-rigid part production.

Our most popular is Freeman 1060, available in red or black. 1060 is known throughout the industry for its wear resistance and impact resistance, often outlasting even aluminum as a pattern material.

For projects that may require reshaping with sanding equipment, we offer the new Freeman 1066. This harder formulation sands much nicer than 1060 and is also the first material to offer these performance characteristics while not containing MDA, a known harmful ingredient found in competing urethanes.

We also offer the new Freeman 1050, an 85 Shore A rubber material which bridges the gap between our flexible urethanes and our Freeman 1060 semi-rigid urethanes.

Our most expanded line is our
Freeman Rigid Polyurethanes, which now consists of seven formulations for all types of rigid part production applications, especially the simulation of prototype injection molded or vacuum form plastic parts.

Freeman 1070 is a new fast-curing, low viscosity urethane, featuring a one to one mix ratio by volume and a 15 minute demold time.

Freeman 1075 is a slightly stronger and harder urethane than 1070, and offers a little more working time.

Freeman 1080 is a brilliant white material featuring a one to one mix ratio by volume and a very rigid 80 shore D hardness. 1080 is available in two speeds, fast and slow, for either 7 or 20 minutes of working time.

Freeman 1085 is a more economical material formulated for projects that don’t require the strength nor rigidity of 1080 and yet still require an accurate urethane with a longer working time.

And finally, we offer Freeman 1090, a crystal clear urethane featuring a one to one mix ratio by volume and a 80 shore D hardness. This material is easily tinted using our Freeman color tints and is available in two speeds for either a 9 or 20 minute working time.

For a wider selection and the most advanced polyurethanes available,
Freeman offers the complete lines of Ren Parts-in-Minutes, RenCast Polyurethanes and the new RenCast Fast Polyurethanes, all now manufactured by the RenShape Solutions division of Huntsman Advanced Materials.

Ren Parts-In-Minutes line is the premier rapid prototyping line of urethanes. All are very fast-setting and can be demolded in mere minutes. Because of this speed, many of these materials require a DS 200 dispensing gun, shown here. Ohterwise, a meter-mix machine is necessary.

With over a dozen formulations that not only simulate ABS plastic, but also various densities of polyethelene, and polypropylene, Parts-In-Minutes is unparalleled in versatility, strength, accuracy and speed.

RenCast Polyurethane Elastomer line is a much slower setting line of urethanes allowing time for hand mixing, vacuum degassing, and pouring into larger molds. These materials range in hardness from very flexible to very rigid and are used in the widest variety of applications.

Finally, bridging the gap between these two extremes is the new
RenCast Fast line of polyurethanes. With more working time than the Parts-In-Minutes line, all of these formations can be mixed and poured by hand, and yet unlike the slower RenCast line, these materials can still be demolded in the same day.

In addition to urethanes, both the Freeman and Ren lines feature an extensive selection of medium and high temperature epoxy casting resins, epoxy surface coats and laminating resins, as well as paste materials, ensuring that regardless of your tooling requirements, Freeman carries the best quality, most economical tooling plastics for your next project.