Freeman Machinable Wax

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Freeman’s own Machinable wax is a unique offering in the synthetic tooling arena.

For many years, machinable wax has been the standard material for proofing CNC programming because it machines easier than urethane tooling boards or metals without sacrificing quality of finish, surface detail, or accuracy of dimension. Additionally, this material is non-abrasive to cutters so it can be machined quickly with little or no tool wear, and requires no coolant while machining.

In educational environments where students are learning CNC programming, machinable wax is not only a more economical alternative to most urethane boards, it is also safer. Unlike when machining many plastic tooling boards, the cutting of Machinable Wax does not create excessive dust, hot chips, or a strong odor.

Machinable wax is self-releasing with urethanes, epoxies, and polyesters, making it a timesaving material when used along with liquid tooling systems. This part shown here would be difficult to machine, so instead we machined the negative out of machinable wax and then poured in our Repro 83 Fast-Cast urethane. This procedure required no release agent and produced a highly accurate part.

Since it is made of wax, this material is less durable than most synthetic tooling boards, so it isn’t suitable for applications requiring abrasion resistance. Also,
Machinable Wax does not lend itself well to repairs. since it is difficult if not impossible to adhere repair materials to wax.

However, machinable wax is a more environmentally sound product than synthetic tooling board. The soft curls that are produced from machining are not scrap materials as with a plastic tooling boards. These cuttings may be melted and reclaimed to be used again.

Also, since Freeman machinable wax is offered in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes, you will save time and reduce the waste associated with having to buy a large plastic tooling board for a small job or having to laminate several layers of tooling board to achieve a desired thickness.

Finally, machinable wax offers a surface finish superior to all but the most expensive urethane tooling boards, making it the ideal medium for machining models for silicone rubber molds, especially when planning to make clear urethane parts from those molds.

All of this makes Freeman’s machinable wax the ideal choice for many tooling applications.

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