Perfect Plank Specialty Lumber

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From Rough Sawn Pattern lumber to our premium line of Perfect Plank Specialty Lumber, Freeman offers the widest, highest quality selection of lumber products for machining and general pattern construction.

One of the disadvantages of working with rough sawn lumber is the extensive preparation required to produce a block of wood ready for machining. And this is why Perfect Plank was created; a laminated pattern lumber that is patented and manufactured specifically for the pattern, mold and model industries.

To create Perfect Plank, virtually all defects are removed from high quality, kiln-dried pattern lumber
. Then the lumber is finger-jointed to create a uniform tight joint before assembling with electronically cured adhesive. Finally, this laminated board is cut into standard sizes and planed smooth on the top, bottom, and both sides.

This process produces a dry, thick, stress relieved pattern plank that is uniform in texture, completely usable and most importantly, is ready for machining right off the shelf.

Perfect Plank is available primarily in three species:

Our two softer wood choices are Jelutong and Sugar Pine.

Jelutong is a Malaysian species that is more cellular in structure and therefore features very little grain, which makes it ideal for carving and machining.

Sugar Pine, another relatively soft wood, is a little more economical than Jelutong but has a more pronounced grain structure. Yet it is still stable and stress-free and produces a very nice surface finish.

Freeman also offers Perfect Plank made from genuine
Honduras Mahogany, which is a very popular medium hardwood that features better abrasion resistance and stability than Jelutong or Sugar Pine, making it the best choice for those wanting to make a longer lasting, more stable pattern or tool.

Perfect Plank is available in other species as well as it is used for other applications outside the tooling industry. All of our lumber products are stored inside heated warehouses, ensuring that when you order from Freeman, you’ll receive it in the best condition possible. For pricing and availability, please call us or visit us online.