Introduction to Epoxy
Laminating Systems

Ideal for working on larger projects, a typical 'fiberglass layup' is a popular process for those who need a large, strong, and lightweight tool.

Building a Fiberglass
Laminate Mold

Here we apply the techniques from the previous video plus some more advanced techniques to create a more complex epoxy fiberglass laminate tool.

Vacuum Bagging
a Composite Part

Using the fiberglass mold created earlier, we demonstrate the vacuum bagging process by forming a carbon fiber part.

Paste Laminating

This process is for working on medium to large projects, this is a labor-saving process for those who need a large, strong tool in the least amount of time possible. This video also demonstrates three-part mold construction.

The Repro
Laminating System

Ideal for working on medium-sized projects, this process is easier, faster, and more economical than the epoxy laminating system.

Glove Molding

Ideal for working on medium and large projects, this process involves creating a thin layer of flexible material and backing it up with a stronger, rigid material.