Freeman has been posting instructional videos online since 2002 (when such videos were really small and compressed). As our library grew, we retired our compilation DVD and instead created this dedicated website.

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Moldmaking & Casting

Making smaller molds with urethane and silicone rubber, and how to navigate various casting challenges as model geometry gets ever more complex.


Laminate Tooling

Making larger molds with the classic method to make laminate tools, the vacuum bagging process for making composites. plus several hybrid methods for medium-sized projects.


Preparing Models, Molds, & Materials

Critical demonstrations on how to properly seal models & molds, how to apply release agents to prevent 'sticking', how to weigh and mix various materials, and more.


Machining Models

Most models are created on CNC mills. We outline the process and cover various materials used.

Die Supply

Steel Rule Diemaking

Demonstrating several innovations to the industries devoted to the making and the using of steel rule cutting/creasing dies.

Specialty Wax

Jewelry Modeling & Casting

Freeman's waxes, from pattern waxes to injection waxes, have been the industry standard for nearly half a century.